Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pigs are awesome!! =D

Hi! =D I decided to tell you all about what I did today! It was,well, a photo shoot of sorts. =D My mom and I had to take some pictures of pigs for our up-coming pig sale. It was kind of difficult and it takes a lot of patience but we got through it!!! This one below is (for now) my favorite! Of course he is the runt!! =D I am always
drawn to the smaller more 'sickly' ones I guess! =)
This photo above is what I believe to be about the best
boy pig in it's pen (or age group or whatever!).
It may sound a bit weird but even pigs have their very own personalities!!!
And most of the time (after a bit of training) they are quite pleasant animals to
be around! =D


  1. You are the only girl I have ever seen cuddle and kiss an actual pig. You are such a unique and lovable person.
    Love you! OXOXO